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  What a Wonderful Word


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"What A Wonderful Word packs quite a punch for those looking for more cerebral word gaming." - 148Apps 

In What a Wonderful Word, players must make as many four to nine letter words as possible using the jumbled letters presented in a 3x3 grid. Dressed in soft shades and subdued tones, What a Wonderful Word offers a relaxing word puzzle experience that captures the mood, pace, and integrity of an oldtime Sunday newspaper.

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Countdown Numbers Game

Discover a simple yet challenging numbers game that will test your math skills and improve brain function. Based on the famous Countdown Numbers game, Total! offers an adaptive gaming method with graduated difficulty levels that ensure you are challenged every step of the way.




Rodger Dodger



Beat the Bully 

Rodger Tuffguy, the school bully and town hooligan, has broken into the clubhouse and stolen everyone's belongings. Darla's Drum, Charlie's Ukulele and your harmonica are only some of the things that are missing. This time Rodger's gone too far. It's time to face your fears and stand up to him once and for all. 



 Egg Foo Yung



Climb the ranks to become the best egg producer in this challenging and unique blend of puzzle, strategy, and action game. Unlock all the coops, each with their own changing configurations, for hours and hours of entertainment.






Good Ol' Days 
Soapbox Racing


FREE Test Drive

Join the gang in their first of many adventures together. Travel back through an old scrapbook to a time when days were about having fun and hanging out with friends. To when life was simple and something of value could still be found for under 5 dollars.




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Our mission is to create fun, challenging, G rated games.